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Phyllis Jean Berrett Peterson

    Phyllis Jean Berrett Peterson 87, passed away April 22, 2014 in Boise, Idaho.
I, was born on a hot summer day, July 8, 1928, at Chester, Fremont Co. ID. My Mother and Father were Albert William Berrett and Sarah Ellis Winters. I was the last of seven girls born to them. My sisters were, Leona-Lucille-Pearl-Lettie Ruth-Margaret Isabelle and Jessie.
We lived in Chester until I was about 5 years old then we moved to St. Anthony, ID. I went to the 1st grade on the south side of St. Anthony until I was in the 2nd grade. We moved to the other side of town and I was in the 2nd grade Central School. I graduated from the St. Anthony High School.
I went to Ogden, UT. to find work in the war industries, and stayed with my sister Jessie and her husband Fred Heinze. I wasn’t old enough to find a job there, so I came back to St. Anthony.
In Dec. I married Dell Virgin in the Logan Temple. Isabelle and Eddie Rice took us down to Logan and went through the temple with us. On Oct. 24, 1945 my first child was born at Rexburg, ID. She only weighed in at 5 lbs and 11 ounces. In. Dec. she was blessed and given the name Marsha Ann. I was divorced from Dell Virgin and received a temple divorce also.
On June 28, 1947 I married Thomas Richard Peterson in St. Anthony, By Bishop Martin Davis. We lived on a dry farm about 10 miles east of St. Anthony. Tom and his brother Keith helped their father raise grain. That fall we bought a house in St. Anthony. For the next few years we moved to the dry farm in the Spring and St. Anthony in the fall and winter months.
We had 2 more children- Dane L Peterson and Peggy Peterson, Dane born March 28, 1948 and Peggy was born March 9, 1951. Tom legally adopted Marsha Ann.
Tom and I were married in the temple at Idaho Falls, ID. and the kids were all sealed to us. In the fall of l951 we moved to Mud Lake Idaho. We bought 160 acres there. Marsha started to school in the first grade there. It was the Terreton school. We attended the Terreton Ward and I held a few positions there. Later on the ward was divided and we were in the Monteview Ward.
Dane was a extremely sick little boy. He had asthma from the time he was 3 years old and moving to Mud Lake didn’t help him. When Dane was in the 2nd grade and we moved to Mesa Arizona for his health. He did get better for awhile until he got the Asiatic flue and his health deteriorated. We really liked to be in Arizona, the winters were warm and the kids just loved it. Marsha and Dane learned to swim down there. They went to Emerson School.
Tom worked for the Mesa Lumber and Supply. The heat was so bad in the summer time it was hard to do manual labor there, but he got acclimatized
We moved back to Mud Lake in March 1957. We lived about 5 miles southwest of Mud Lake on the Salmon Highway. We bought another place just east of Terreton where we lived for 20 years. We sold that place and Tom went to work at Yellowstone Park for 7 years. When he retired we went to Arizona for the winter for three for four winters...
We came to Boise and bought a home here.

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