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Q: Do you pre-arrange funerals?
A: Yes, but we don’t actively advertise or pursue it because there are several way to pre-arrange a funeral. The following is our best recommendation:

1... People can come in, and at no cost, choose the items and services they would like to have for a funeral, so that they can then choose the best way pay for the funeral.

2... If someone wishes to pre-pay for a funeral the money paid should go into a funeral trust fund. Merchandise and service costs are then locked in, and neither you nor your loved ones estate, will have to pay extra for that funeral and burial. We recommend a funeral trust fund set up in a bank, not a credit union, of your choice. The funeral trust fund is the safest way to pre-pay for a funeral, and the money isn’t counted as part of the deceased’s assets, and is not able to be attached by nursing homes, the government or any other entity, except the funeral home where the burial and funeral services are being provided, to pay for those services.

3... Funeral insurance can be purchased from a number of outlets, but in our professional experience, this is not the best way to pre-pay for a funeral, especially if you are elderly. Many funeral insurance policies also have clauses that specify that you must use a specific funeral home in a specific state or locality, where the deceased may not have resided for some time or in a location where they would not wish to have a funeral and burial. For these and other reasons, we recommend a funeral trust fund that is safe and will ensure that your wishes will be carried out when that time comes.

Q: What is the average cost of a funeral?
A: It depends on many factors. You should speak with Gary Bidwell, our licensed mortician to discuss options and arangements.

Q: You use three different pictures on your obituaries pages. Why do you do that?
A: We use the photo of the hands touching the casket for most of our obituaries, and the picture of an urn on a table for cremations, however, for a veteran whose funeral will have military rites performed, we use the photo of U.S. Flag being folded. This is done in honor of the service that veteran has provided to their country.

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